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Placement Officer


The business environment is day-by-day getting more and more intense, vibrant, challenging and competitive as business boundaries are melting across the globe. In order to cope-up with the competitive forces, our MBA,MBA(Tourism Mgmt.) and MCA students have not only to be just competent but also globally competitive.

Faced with rapid technological changes and fierce global competitiveness, companies now-a-days need highly trained management and computer professionals who can help them compete successfully in the national and international markets. Our MBA, MBA(Tourism Mgmt.) and MCA programs are the professional passports for those who wish to take up this exciting challenge.

I feel highly privileged in presenting another batch of MBA,MBA(Tourism Mgmt.) MCA and and Dual Degree MAM, MCA students equipped with key managerial and computational skills that are a pre-requisite for a successful career in the corporate world.

I coordially invite the business organisations to visit our campus and join hands for the accomplishment of a mutually beneficial mission.


(Placement Officer)

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