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Faculty Of MBA

Sno. Name Designation Qualifications Area E-mail
1 Prof (Dr.) A.N.Singh Director M.Sc., M.B.A., Ph.D. Marketing & Operations director.rbsmtc@gmail.com
2 Dr. Payal Garg Director(Admin.& Fin.) M.B.A. , Ph.D. Finance & Accounting payalgarg.rbs@gmail.com
3 Prof (Dr.) B.B.S. Parihar Professor M.Sc.(Stats),M.A.(Eco.), M.B.A., Ph.D. Marketing & Business Research Methods On Leave
4 Dr. K. K. Sharma Asso. Professor & Dean M.Sc.(Maths), M.A.(Eco.), M.B.A. ,Ph.D. General Mgmt. & Economics kksharmarbs@gmail.com
5 Dr.D.S.Yadav Asso. Professor M.B.A.,MA (Eco), Ph.D. HRM & Strategic Mgmt. ds_hrdapsu@rediffmail.com
6 Ms. Archana Gangwar Asst. Professor M.B.A. General Management archanagangwar26@gmail.com
7 Mr. Suboor Khan Asst. Professor M.B.A. Marketing & IB suboorkhan@hotmail.com
8 Mr. Vivek Kumar Asst. Professor M.Sc.(Maths), M.B.A. , M.Sc. (Statistics ) Q.T. & Finance vivekrbsmtc@gmail.com
9 Ms. Priyanka Agarwal Asst. Professor M.B.A. HRM & OB priyanka1chadha@yahoo.co.in
10 Mr. V.K. Singh Asst. Professor M.B.A. Tourism Management rbsmtc.placement@gmail.com
11 Mr. Manish Prashad Asst. Professor M.B.A. Marketing & Economics manish.prasad2001@gmail.com
12 Dr. Govind Narayan Asst. Professor M.B.A. , Ph.D. Marketing & Design Thinking narayangovind007@gmail.com
13 Dr. Sandeep Verma Asst. Professor M.B.A. , Ph.D. Finance & Accounting sandeepverma2710@gmail.com
14 Mr. Vikas Yadav Asst. Professor B.Tech.,M.B.A.,NET Marketing & IT ite.vikas@gmail.com

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